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Speech writing

speech writing

Going on stage? Hire a speech writer

We′re not all natural public speakers but sometimes we need to address an audience. A presentation at a press conference, product launch, open day or AGM for example, will call for persuasive speech writing.

Develop a sound message

A well prepared presentation, adhering to the proven rules of persuasive speech writing, will increase your confidence and ensure your message gets home… and stays there.

Even the most accomplished public speakers don’t rely on their charisma alone. They use a number of techniques – including those employed by a speech writer.

Which means they are relaxed in the run-up to their speech.

Good speech writing makes it memorable

Whether you speak for twenty, ten or just three minutes, my aim as your speech writer will be to ensure that your audience remembers your key points long after your presentation.

So, if you are planning to make a speech – make it count. Contact me for a chat about the presentation, the subject matter and the nature of the audience.

You′ll then get a fixed-price quote – which won′t leave you speechless.