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Mistakes. A hidden enemy?

Keyboard errors, typos and misspellings. Let′s face it, we all make them. That′s OK, providing they’re gone by the time your customers read your copy.

Unfortunate mistakes can ruin a great website, brochure or editorial feature. Worse, they can halve your online sales.

Many companies have terrific products, great sales people and ambitious marketing plans.

But even small errors in copy can mess things up. This is because people often assume that a lack of attention to your copy indicates a lack of attention to detail in your dealings with customers. Harsh maybe, but true.

Give it a proofreading

Far better then that any errors in your sales copy are spotted and edited by a proofreader, not your customers. It only takes one email – I’ll proofread and edit documents of any type or length.

Scientific proof

physrg, a Holland-based news website publishes physics, nanotechnology and space-related stories. It regularly calls upon No Sloppy Copy to proofread and sub-edit articles.

“Howard′s attention to detail and punctuality have helped establish itself as a market-leading news website.”

Andrew Zi, Co-founder,

Contact me for a fixed price quote for your proofreading and copy editing needs.