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About me

Hire a copywriter

“You’ve hit the nail on the head, there”

People say this when we make them feel understood. It’s a great way to establish a rapport. 

Especially through copy. The great writers of the world are great because they understand their readers′ view of the world and reflect this in their writing.

Your copywriter should do the same

When I write your copy, I’ll aim to draw that nail-on-head response from your readers. By connecting like this, we can draw people into your story and introduce your offering to a receptive audience

We make decisions at emotional levels. Trust, self esteem and the need for reassurance are powerful drivers of buying decisions. Some buying decisions, particularly those that involve change, can make us anxious. So the copy we read should minimise any anxiety. Even better, remove it.

Belief begins with a good rapport

We can lay the foundations of a good rapport by getting to know your potential customers′ needs. Then, we can build on them by showing, through the words we use, that we understand the way they see the situation.

That’s why I go all out to understand your business – its people and its products – and your potential customers – their needs and concerns.

From this we learn the language different people use and recognise. Now we can discuss the issues foremost in their minds, introducing along the way compelling reasons why they should be doing business with you.

So why hire a copywriter?

When you’re so close to what you do, it can be difficult to distinguish between what you want to say and what your customers want to hear.

This is where I earn my keep. I’ll simplify your message so people:

  • get it straight away
  • believe you know what their needs are
  • have no doubt you can meet these needs

Slogans, straplines, headlines, even company names don’t materialise out of thin air – and nor should they. They’re the fruits of thoughtful distillation. They convey meaning in a few words.

It′s not always easy. It can take time to arrive at a form of words which, while short and sweet, adds up to more than the sum of its parts. But, if your readers grasp instantly that you can:

  • solve problems
  • save them time and money
  • give them an easier or better life

it’s time well spent.

After all, letterheads, brochures, advertisements and websites are not cheap to produce. So let’s ensure the quality of your message justifies the expenditure.